How many calories can you burn kayaking?

Kayaking, any one?

I’ve been thinking about going out to the lake that is about an hour from my home and kayaking.  I’ve been “thinking” about it all summer long. Time to put up or shut up, me thinks.

This weekend, me and the fam are going to try our hand at kayaking.  My hubs has a small kayak and he has used it many times, but I never have.  I know nothing about being on the open water with one of these contraptions, but the thought of it is alluring for me.  I want to try my hand at gliding along the surface of the lake and see where it takes me.  Maybe I will develop a new love for kayaking.  Maybe I will meet some new friends who will join me in loving to kayak.  Maybe I will burn some calories as I kayak.  I hear that you can burn as many calories doing this in an hour’s time, as you can walking briskly for 1.50 hrs.  I hope so. I can do this without the use of my feet, so I’m hoping this is an alternative type of exercise I could learn to love.

I’ll try to take some pics and include them on the blog next week.  I hope the weather is agreeable.  Today, it looks iffy in PA, but its supposed to be a perfect day on Saturday in central NY. We’ll see.

Wish me well, as I plan this excursion for the weekend.  Something different might be just what I need about now.  I hear the kayak rental is $25 for the day.  What?  Seems reasonable enough to me.  Tandem kayak is $45.  I think I might like my man with me when I try this, but on the other hand, is rowing with him a good idea?  Hmmm, I’m not sure. I can be pretty independent at times.  Maybe I should think about that for a while before renting.

In any case, I’m excited about the possibilities.

Kayaking, here I come.  Be gentle, please.

5 thoughts on “How many calories can you burn kayaking?

  1. I love to kayak! Forget the calorie burn and just enjoy the experience. I’ve done tandem and alone. I think it would be a good idea for you to do tandem the first time of two till you feel confident at it.

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