Wheat allergy? Who knows

Am I wheat allergic?

I dunno. I’m still trying to figure this one out. I know I definitely do NOT have the kind of reaction to wheat consumption that is shown in the picture below.  I just seem to get more itchy when I eat it, than when I don’t. Mostly on my scalp.

000wheat allergy

You might remember that when I went off the wheat in August, during my August Action initiative, I saw some immediate results. I woke up one Saturday to no pain, anywhere in my body.  That was different.  I had been hurting for so long that I thought I might have died and gone to heaven when I woke to a body that didn’t hurt.  It felt nice.

Was the lack of pain the result of quitting the wheat?  I wasn’t sure. I’m still not.

During August, I also quit scratching my scalp so much.  I didn’t notice this until half way through August Action and quitting the wheat.

Was the fact that the itch wasn’t there any more, or at least not as prevalent because I had quit the wheat?  I’m not sure.

Toward the end of August I began letting little amounts of wheat sneak back into my diet in the form of white flour mini tortilla shells and WW shells that were larger in size. I had a few burritos (home-made, of course), and things seemed fine.  I wasn’t as pain-free as I had been that one day, but in reality it was only one day that I felt that good.  Maybe it was the first reaction to being wheat free that did it that one day.  I’m not sure. Loving wraps and fajitas the way I do, though, I wanted my tortillas back, so I ate them.  Now, the itching is back, and more persistent than it was in August. Not horrible, but more persistent.

Mind you, I’m still not eating great quantities of wheat or processed flour.  No pizza, donuts, bagels, WG breads, or flour filled pastries or cookies has snuck back into my diet, but I had been off that junk for a while anyway.  You can’t keep blood sugar under control and eat that junk. Not possible.

Today, I am wondering about whether or not I have an allergy to wheat.  I still can’t tell.  One negative thing about quitting the wheat that I discovered is the slowing of my GI tract without wheat.  Especially without the WG bagel half I was eating for breakfast each morning. I think that 1/2 bagel really helped to move the body along, but I’m not sure if the slow down can be totally attributed to no wheat.  I guess I need to do a few more test runs to be sure of that.

If any of you have experience with wheat allergies or symptoms you think are related to that, please share openly.  Looking for information I can ponder, and I am always interested in what you’re doing and how it is working for you.

Thanks for stopping by to say “hi” on a Friday.  I’m looking forward to the weekend, and hope you are too.  See ya back here on Monday.  Until then, eat well and get a little rest and exercise.  I will be doing the same.