Playing with my food


Yep, that’s me…playing with my food again.

At least this time its healthy fare.

Whole, real, raw, unprocessed, and yummy watermelon roses.  I gave this bouquet away to a friend. He and his daughter ate them for breakfast the next day, because we all know that fruit at 7:00pm is a no-no.

Wait, I don’t know that. Well, actually, I do follow that rule most of the time.

On a side note: Don’t you hate it that the days are getting increasingly shorter?  7:00pm now seems like 10:00pm.  Ugh, I hate to see winter come.  But, I love to see the seasons change.  Fall is one of my favorite times of year, in part because of all the great fresh produce that is available.  I guess if that is the trade off, than that is the trade off–shorter days for fresher fruit.  I’ll take it!


5 thoughts on “Playing with my food

  1. I LOVE watermelon!! I don’t know if I would have the patience to make those lovely roses!

    Did you know the best watermelon you will ever eat is one you steal from the farmer’s field?

    Don’t tell on me, lol!

    • Last Saturday I bought 3 watermelons. My husband made quick work of the first, a red one. We slowly ate the second, a yellow one–yellow roses were made that time, but we had company that ate them before pics could be taken. The third is on the dining room table and will be cut into tonight. If it’s yellow inside, I will make more roses and post again. I love watermelon too, but limit how much I eat, because it is full of sugar–my addiction of choice. Ha!

  2. What’s wrong with watermelon at 7 pm? I have friends who find the thought of fruit as dessert/late night snack very odd, but I eat fruit all times of day. I didn’t even buy a watermelon this season yet, better do it soon. I’ve been enjoying the stone fruits and other melons, watermelon, even the tiny ones, are such a huge commitment

    • Ah, yes, watermelon is a huge commitment, but I’m willing to make it. So delish! My friend is trying to lose weight and get better sleep, so he was advised to quit all foods by 7:00pm. I try to follow that advice myself most nights, but sometimes, well, you just have to have a watermelon rose to fuel your sweet dreams, yes?

      Thanks for stopping by Julie. I hope you’ll come back soon! L

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