Happy Anniversary

This week, I posted my 100th musing about health and fitness.  Woo hoo!

000100thanniversarylogoThese past one hundred posts have been filled with my joys and my struggles, my ups and my downs, my victories and my fails, and real facts about how I’m working to get healthy and fit before it’s too late.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I’m doing over here at WordPress.  It’s been fun!  I’m hoping to continue blogging about my progress in the future, and I’m hoping to hear from you, of course.  If you have any tricks or tips to share, please do.  If you know of any ways I can improve upon what I’m presently doing, chime in.  If you think adding something to what I am doing now will work for me and make me healthier, please share your wisdom.  I’m open to hear it.

Incredibly, last night I realized that I only have 5 lbs to lose before I will hit the 100 lbs lost mile marker.  Seriously, how did this happen?  I’m amazed and scared at the same time.

100 posts.

100 lbs.

One is done.

The other goal is still out there to be achieved.

Will I do it?  Stick around to see.

My August Action initiative is going great!  I’m moving more than I have in months, and the scale is finally going down, down, down.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog and recover alongside me.  Every day I’m learning to a greater degree that Food is Fuel, God is love, and…

Change Is Possible!


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