Overthinking Over Thinking

I recently read a blog by Diane Carbonell that got me thinking.  She often provides thought-provoking posts, which is why I rarely miss an opportunity to soak up the wisdom and experience she shares on her blog.  I appreciate the integrity and grace she brings to her audience, and the depth of understanding I find at her site.  She has some great strategies for tackling the tendency to over think our food and fitness plans.  You should visit her over at Fit To The Finish.

Today, I will be sharing some of my thoughts after reading her post yesterday.

If you’re like me, you have a tendency to over think things at times?

I think I over think things for these reasons:

A lack of confidence in myself to make right decisions, especially where food is concerned.

A sense of dread that I might make myself the target of harsh criticisms, should something I do or say not meet others demands.

A perhaps latent or unrealistic impression from my childhood that I somehow needed to be perfect to be accepted.  Translate: THIN.

Ha, that was never going to happen!

Perhaps these explanations for why I’m indecisive aren’t all-inclusive or all that different, but they seem so to me. Either way, indecision has been a problem I’ve wrestled with most of my life and it might still be besmirching my progress if not for the fact that I’m staring it down these days, squaring off, taking aim, and blasting my tendency to over think things to smithereens. It’s all a part of my 2013 initiative to develop mental toughness, something I wasn’t taught as a child, and something I believe left me with a life-long fight against feelings of victimization.


How dare I pull a “high noon” on indecision?

I dare, because I am a person of faith.

If you don’t have a relationship with a being more powerful than yourself you might be skeptical about my Love. I understand. It’s hard to comprehend something you have never experienced. Still, from over here where I stand, I have to tell you that how I process the spiritual side of life has made it possible for me to feel at home in my skin.  Finally. I started from the same place many women start after reaching adolescence, by hating our bodies and maybe ourselves.  I stood 5’11” tall and weighed 150 lbs in 5th grade.  If that doesn’t stigmatize you, I don’t know what would!  After years of practicing self acceptance, however, I can say I definitely see improvement.  My mind may be frayed at times, and my ability to critically assess a situation skewed, but my spirit knows what’s what.

These days I’m feeling whole, sane, healthy, and able to meet the demands of my life without knuckling under to the manipulations of others or the tendency to doubt self. Well, at least most of the time, I am.  That’s called progress.

Am I likely to suffer from indecision in the future?

Yep, I am.

Might that indecision affect my diet or fitness plan?

Yep, it probably will.

I accept the fact that I might always have that propensity to worry–that’s just me. I have a long and worrisome bunch of women I share a blood line with, so it comes pretty naturally to me. But lately, I have found reassurance in what a friend shared after coming clean with her about the more intense moments of indecision I’ve struggle with this year, “Honey,” she said, “it’s hormonal. Take my word for it, it’s normal.”

Thank you, girlfriend!

Not many people have ever described me as “normal.”

I think I like it.

But what I like more is the ability to operate according to the dictates of my heart and the principles of my faith, free from worry of reprisals or the need to hold back from saying what I feel strongly needs to be said.  It feels good, real good.

What about you, do you over think things? Does it make you crazy? Is it fear that drives you to do it


5 thoughts on “Overthinking Over Thinking

  1. What do I think? I believe in Genesis 50:20 when outside forces intervene. God directs my paths and has a purpose even when I stray off that path. I was placed on Earth for the purpose of glorifying Him. I firmly believe in 1. Health is more important than weight loss. 2. Muscle is burned in fat so we must be fit. I also believe 3. the process is more important than the progress because the process teaching us. All of life is a learning experience and we shouldn’t desire instant gratification.

    Excellent thought provoking post and keep striving for excellence not perfection, for we all have faults. Blessings in your endeavor,

    • Thank you, Ellie. A Good word applied to an important topic always blesses my soul! I hope you checked out Diane’s post too. She had some great strategies for dealing with over thinking that often leads to procrastination–at least for this gal. I hope you’ll stop by again.

  2. Great post and thanks for the mention and the kind words.

    I too can overthink things in many areas of my life. I had a hard time accepting who I was, in part because of childhood issues. For me, fear played a role in how willing I was to take the steps necessary to make changes and that was hard to overcome.

    As a fellow person of faith, I believe that my faith played a pivotal role in my success. Thanks for sharing.

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