Food and Fawns

Reading too many food blogs in one week can make you batty.  At least it can for this gal. This is especially true when they are all talking about the same thing. That happens sometimes, but I still have to say KUDOS to all the food bloggers out there blogging about the ways and means by which they are getting healthier, letting go of bad habits, and getting on with their life without excess food.

You guys ROCK!

It’s encouraging for this girl to know that there are people out there flying planes, trekking through NYC, attending street fairs along the pacific coast, and biking up and down the Atlantic coast, while at the same time working their plan and watching their weight.  Reading about their exploits fires up my imagination and it makes me hungry to get out there too, and try some of my own meandering through streets and hillsides as of yet unknown. I can’t wait to get off “the boot” and once again enjoy a stroll through my own hillside trails.

It’s beautiful in Pennsylvania this time of year.  Everything is green and lush and the lawn needs mowing every week, sometimes more often.  The birds are humming and there are baby animals everywhere.  We sat and enjoyed a session of play between twin fawns the other night, from our porch swing. They chased each other and frolicked for a good half hour.  Precious to watch.


I can’t wait to get out there in the green PA hills to do my own frolicking.  The foot does feel better, markedly better, so I am hopeful that healing is on the way.  In the meantime, I continue to make myself aware of what I’m eating, how much I’m eating, and when I’m eating.  I still need some help with portion control, and I could use a personal chef, but that’s probably not in the cards.  Instead, I will keep reading, keep wearing “the boot”, keeping praying for recovery, and keep getting on the scales every day.

My battle cry this afternoon:  Never Surrender… Never Say Die!


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