Tossing My Cookies, I Mean Cabbage


cookie with shadesDo you ever worry about food at your house going to waste, or not being eaten by the time it begins to go bad, or lying around in the pantry long past the expiration date on the container? I do and I did for years. There is a decided difference in how I handle this problem today that is not at all how I handled it ten years ago, or even five years back.

I throw it away.

You heard me right. When food is expired or expiring in my house now, I throw it away. I don’t eat twice what I need, I don’t slightly fresh foods, and I don’t try to push food on others who don’t want it, don’t need it, or don’t like it.

Instead, I throw it away.

I give myself permission to throw it away, because I know that tossing it is healthier for me and my wallet than eating more.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about those old habits I had with expiring foods, before I got clean. It’s a wonder to me that I don’t still think the way I once did about them. Used to be I would say, “Oh, what a shame.  If I don’t eat that, it’s going to go to waste.”

Now I say, “Get thee behind me, Satan,” always making sure my back is to the trash can.

I’m not crazy, after all, just getting tough with food.

I like the decided change I’ve made with my eating, and I like the fact that I’m losing weight again.  I may have hit on the right combination for me to make my body respond as I need it too. I’m hopeful, anyway, and keeping my fingers crossed.  The last thing I want to do at this point (or ever again), is attempt to shove more food down my pie hole at a time when I am finally seeing some progress.

It has been five long months FIVE LONG MONTHS that I have been on this stupid plateau.  Time to change.  Time to toss!

I’m learning that while some foods will always spoil faster than I can eat them and therefore will go to waste, that’s no reason for my waist to expand [and my hips, and my flabby arms, and my thighs…].

This girl is tossing like a Olympiad, and finally seeing some results.  Viva La Garbonage–or however you say that in Spanish.  (I think you say it: basura, but I like Garbonage better.)

What’s that, you say, Mr. Pepper?  No, I won’t be eating you tonight. Say hello to Mr. Garbage Can.  He can’t wait to make your acquaintance!

2 thoughts on “Tossing My Cookies, I Mean Cabbage

  1. It can be freeing to toss it! I too am quick to throw expired foods away and if we have a party and there is leftover junk I either pass it along to someone or just throw it away. I don’t need that in my house.

    Congratulations on a great mindset!

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