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As of yesterday, I’m back counting calories and reporting my food to a friend, who in turn shares what she eats with me.  I took a “vacation” from this reporting for about two weeks, but felt I needed to go back.  I hate counting calories, but I love feeling like I am in charge of my food, instead of food being in charge of me. This revelation of being in charge through reporting and recording my food has come to me as I have taken a break from reporting what I’m eating.  While gone from the world of food journaling, I have to say that I have felt less and less empowered in my eating.  I have not gained any weight while I have been eating without reporting my food, but I have carried along with me a general sense of malaise about my diet.  I don’t want to lose interest in getting healthy, and I never want to lose the desire to hit my goal weight in this lifetime, so looking at where I was, and where I had been, I decided to circle back around and test the theory that food reporting has been giving me this sense of empowerment in eating that I “think” it has provided.  I will let you know how that goes. 

While looking at my food journal, and going back to some of the foods I had been eating and how I had been eating them, I found a list I had made that I think needs reiteration in my life.  Maybe readying this list will help you develop your own list of important aspects to remember when adopting any new or particularly difficult habit in your life.  I believe that habits make behavior easy, simple, do-able, but developing long-lasting habits is hard.  It takes determination to do the same thing again, and again, and yet again, and all the while feeling like “this is really awkward.”  Doing something differently than how you have done it in the past does feel uncomfortable, but only at the beginning.  After that habit has been established, the routine at work, at home, or with your eating becomes firmly engrained, so that you hardly think at all about what you’re doing.  You just do it!  That’s where I want to be with my eating.  I want to do the things that bring me recovery, easily, without much thought, and almost automatically, if that makes any sense.  To this end, I am striving to develop some habits I think will make me well.  Along the way, I need encouragement, reminders, and Atta boys.  That’s what my list is for, so I want to share it with you today.

As I work to develop better eating habits and gain empowerment over food, I will remember to…

Stand Tall:  Being proud of my efforts and my ambition to be the best person I can be.

Look Confident: Even when I am not, for surely through the practice of confidence, confidence will grow.

Trust My Heart: To lead me where I need to go.  I pray for God to send encouragers to me, people of wisdom who have walked this path before me, Saints who also believe in prayer, and friends as of yet unknown who will accompany me on this journey and help me along the way.

Forget My Critics:  They can’t have a say in what I do to get better. Sadly, they are the people who helped me get sick.  They have nothing profitable to offer me on this path.  I will respectfully love them from a distance.

Press On: Knowing that repetition breeds success, both in the developing of good eating habits and in many other areas of life.  Doing the same right thing again, and again, and yet again draws me ever closer to the finish line and the level of fitness and health I earnestly desire for the remainder of my life.

Do better next time:  There is no point in regretting the mistakes I’ve made, except or unless they lead me to build better relationships with people in the future, and ensure that I remember next time what I did this time to make meal times work for me, not against me.


5 thoughts on “Back to What Works

  1. I like it! A 6 step version of a 12 step program 🙂

    I’m all for being more efficient!

    Don’t be so serious about all this. I used to be so afraid of failing as a public speaker. Once I started laughing at my serious efforts all the pressure was off and I got pretty good at it!

    • Ha. One thing I would say of me is that I find it hard to write humor. I’m able to pull it off some days and those days are fun, I just wish those days came along more often. 🙂

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