May Fading

I cannot believe we have come to the end of May already. Where did the time go? I looked over my past posts to see if I could find my May Goals in the batch, but no go. Did I not post those goals for May? Maybe that’s a good thing.  Life has thrown me a few curve balls lately and I’m not real happy about the progress I’ve made or how I’ve handled the disappointment at not being able to freely move around this month.My last post talked about my diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis and the pain I have been experiencing in my heel. Like most folks, I let the pain go on too long and as a result I have developed a few bone spurs. Who knew that bone was alive, like skin, and growing or regenerating all the time? As I now understand it, when muscle tears, bone often fills in the gap. At least in the heel area of the foot, it does.  Mine has been working overtime.

My goals for May were to eat healthy, exercise, and continue to journal my food. I have not done terribly well at any of them. I have not exercised at all. I journaled my food for about half of the month, but I ate healthy most of the time. I have noticed some fast foods sneaking their way back into my diet, but I think that is more about not being mobile and my pain levels than anything else. After working all day and hobbling around on this air cast with lower back pain plaguing me, the last thing I have wanted to do is stand for an hour to prep and cook food at night. That’s not an excuse though. Eating whole foods and barely processed foods is possible even when you’re injured. How much energy does it take to wash an apple, or cut up a pepper?

May has been a discouragement to me, even as it has been a relief from the cold, snowy PA winters, but I don’t want this post to be about discouragement.  I want it to be about life and living healthy, and the things that make life worth living.  I want it to be about challenges, and goals met, and little guys who make me smile no matter how tired I get or ouchy I become.  I want it to be about the thing I love.  With that objective in mind, I thought I would share a few pictures from a wedding that was performed in May. 

Jessup is four, and Aaron turns two tomorrow, June 1st.  He was an anniversary baby, born on the day that my husband and I celebrated our vows.  These two are soooo cute, soooo special, soooo full of life–I can’t help but feel better when I’m with them.  I hope you enjoy seeing part of my reason for being, and for wanting to get healthy and stay healthy long into the future.  I can’t think of a better way to close out May 2013, than with a couple of pictures of these two cuties. 

Jessup with the flower girl

Jessup with the flower girl


Super Dancer

Here we go

Here we go



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    • I know, right? It was a hard month. I’m working to make June a little better. Tweeking some things, hoping for the best, working hard to make it happen. Thanks for stopping by.

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