Body Image

Last night I had the best conversation…

A friend and I talked about the concept of body image and glorified bodies.


So many times in this life we feel like we have to settle for bodies that are too tall, too short, too round, too angular, too dark, too light, too easily scarred, and/or too resistant to our efforts to change them. Anyone who has ever had to watch what she eats knows that being stuck inside a body that doesn’t quickly metabolize food is no fun.

Some of us work really hard to cut calories, trim fat, eat more protein and less sugar, oh, and less processed foods, and still we are not slim or trim. Ugh. If only we had that magic wand that Cinderella had, we think. Forget about finding our prince charming, we would just like to fit into a size 0 pair of jeans.

We think that would make us happy.

Happiness and joy are not the same thing though.  You know that, right?

Let me say it again: Happiness and Joy are not the same thing.

Today, I’m trying to focus my thoughts on the joy of being healthy, being able to move about freely, having a body that works properly, and enjoying activities that help me fight the isolation that often goes along with my kind of eating disorder. 

If you can’t fit into size 0 jeans, it’s okay. Not many people can. What’s important is that you focus this day on knowing God’s will for your life and finding the courage within you to live it out, as best you can.

Food is fuel, God is love, and change is possible. 

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