What’s Normal, Anyway?


The need to change direction sometimes, that’s normal, right?

Lately I have become convinced that a change is what I need. I’ve lost my focus on cooking at home, and my lunches have taken a decidedly processed turn. I’m not happy with the direction I’m headed these days, which is why I asked to meet with a friend this week to talk about the C-word: Change.

My friend has agreed to meet with me one evening a week for six weeks, to go over my food journal and give me valuable feedback about patterns of eating she finds there. I have asked her to seek out those holes in my plan that are causing me to hold onto this weight. I’ve been losing and regaining the same three pounds for four months now, and it’s getting tiresome. I know I need to change things up, otherwise, I would be continuing to lose.


I’m a little fearful as I enter into this time of logging food and having someone else see what I’m eating. I’m open with others about a lot of things in my life, including the fact that I am addicted to sugar, but what I eat, how much I eat, when I eat and where I eat, these things I do not discuss with anyone on a regular basis. I might kabitz and complain about something to someone some time or the other, but I don’t have anyone filling the role of food police for me. I’m not sure anyone would want the job.

I can be pretty hard on food critics.

I’m praying that having this accountability factor in place, and being able to borrow enthusiasm and encouragement from another person will help me move off this 2-5 pound Bermuda Triangle I am trapped inside. I need real forward movement in my journey toward a healthy and normal sized body, if there is such a thing.