Eyeballs, Smaller Plates, and Steam


I don’t know why, but I still cannot eye-ball my foods and choose the right portion size for someone who wants to weigh 165 lbs. I need to weigh and measure more. 


I have made a few changes that help me to eat better and eat less. 

I threw away my 12″ dinner plates and replaced them with 8″ plates two Christmas’s back.  I love the set of Fiestaware dishes I have now.  They clean up slick in minutes and they add vibrant colors to our dining table.  We have a mix and match set of a variety of colors.  You just have to be in a better mood sitting down to the table with these saucy plates in front of you.


I have switched from highly processed meals to meals that tout fresh ingredients in practically every bite.  We do still drink cow’s milk, and we do still eat beans out of a can (mostly because I work outside the home, and beans are labor intensive), we do buy bread from the grocer and we do use commercially made salad dressings, but we have moved away from the boxes, bags, cans and fast foods of the past. 

We now eat lots of raw and steamed veggies and fruit.  Our systems are working better than ever, and I am amazed at how my wounds heal when I get a paper cut or a hang nail.  Used to be nasty for days, but not any more.  Our bodies are incredibly made and they work tons better when they have the proper fuel with which to do their job.

These days the only thing we eat not sitting at the table is popcorn.  That’s real progress.

Off Limits

We do no sodas, no more casseroles, no pasta, no white bread or sugar, no fancy desserts or complicated recipes.  We keep it simple, colorful, textured and real–and wow, the tastes are amazing.

Finishing Strong

As I close out another week on this diet and exercise regimen I’m trying to keep alive and forward moving, I am resolved to make some more changes.  This is NOT a dress rehearsal–this life of mine. I need to take recovery seriously, because for me to fail, is to die.  My body needs better from me, and doggone it, I’m going to oblige, so say a prayer for me.  I’m moving into the weekend reminding myself that food is fuel, God is love and Change IS possible!

3 thoughts on “Eyeballs, Smaller Plates, and Steam

  1. Sounds like you have made some great changes in your life. We do casseroles occasionally, but I make my own cream of mushroom soup with a bit of butter, some flour, skim milk, and real mushrooms. It’s tasty, natural, and easy!

  2. You’ve made lots of big changes, it’s so inspirational! I love how you can really see the difference it makes to our bodies when we’re healthier, the way your wounds heal so much faster. Keep it up!

    • Thank you, Kerrie,for the encouragement. I love the change too, but wish it came quicker. I guess when we are hoping for health, it can never come quick enough. thanks for the feedback. I hope you’ll stop by in the future. L

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