Problems that hold me back

I have learned that depriving myself of all those things others say I can never eat again is a recipe for disaster for me.


Intuitive eating and restrictive diets don’t work. I have to eat a combination of foods that I can be loyal to over the long haul.  If I’m going to heal my body with food, it’s going to have to be food that tastes good, is loaded with nutrients, and is easily digestible. I seem to have found the right combination of foods to make health possible, but now how do I lose weight?  

What to do?

I’m eating clean these days and I feel oh, so much better.  Problem is, I’m still eating too much and not exercising enough.  I live in the northeast, so winter will soon be over for another year and that will help with the exercise, but I am really struggling with the diet.  I just want to eat portions that are too big to also lose weight. 

What do I do? 

I’ve come a long way with my eating in the last 18 months, and I want to give credit where credit is due in that respect.  I am healing my body slowly, I know that.  It takes time.  I feel the increased energy and I appreciate the fact that I don’t get winded walking up a small set of stairs anymore, but I need more. 

Change is needed

I still have 80 lbs to lose to get to a normal weight for someone my height.  That number is inconceivable to me.  I seriously can’t see my way to believing I can exist on the caloric intake it would take to reach that goal weight. I don’t want to remain “fluffy” all my life.  I want to get physical, but right now a gym membership is not in the budget, and ice is still on the road in my neighborhood so walking is out too.  Am I just whining, or is this really something people like me struggle to develop–the diet and exercise regimen needed to get healthy and trim?

I have a few problem areas I could use some help to figure out.

 What’s the Answer? 

Problem area 1:  My morning bagel.  It is whole grain or whole wheat, but still nearly 400 calories when I apply butter after toasting.  I love my butter, and it is the one thing I have not abandoned as I have changed my eating.  I’d like to try something else for breakfast, something easy, quick and portable.  Any suggestions?

Problem area 2:  Exercise.  I have not yet found an instructor for yoga in my area.  I learned many yoga-like movements when I took six weeks of Physical Therapy last year, and I use them to keep my lower back pain in check, but I do not sweat when I work out/exercise.  What do I need to do to ramp up the sweat factor? 

Problem area 4:  I don’t plan.  This explains why I don’t regularly pack my lunch, make a weekly meal plan, or record my calorie counts/weigh foods.  I don’t measure portions either.  It’s a bad habit I have, this riding by the seat of my pants mentality.

Problem area 5: I get discouraged easily.

I’m hoping that admitting to my problem areas will help me come to terms with them and take action to correct them.  I’m looking for my next good read to help me develop some of the strategies I need to fix the problems I have. 

Oh, and Problem 3 above is missing.  It was Fatigue, and I would have talked about it but I didn’t want to exceed my whine limit for one day.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Problems that hold me back

  1. Hi! I’m happy to stumble upon this blog because I might actually have something to share…10 points for your honesty, and for asking for help!

    1. Better Oats Oatmeal for breakfast! I am telling you, the carb calories are not “empty” like a bagel, and the stuff tastes amazing, especially when you mix in sliced almonds or some blueberries. I’ve already touted the stuff on my blog, but you might love it as much as I do..

    2. Do you have an iPhone or iPad? If so, get the Jivamukti Yoga app. I love it and it provides three levels of activity as you get better at the poses. Or, get a DVD on amazon and do it at home 4 times a week. You will see results if you push yourself, and there’s no judgement in the comfort of your own home, so make yourself sweat.

    3. Sounds like it will be taken care of when you manage 2 better, to me!

    4. Suck it up and do it? Do you have a friend who might do it with you? Cook for each other, take turns packing each other lunches, etc? Sounds silly, but it works. And accountability brings the whole challenge to a new level.

    5. If you really do 1-4, seeing the results will diminish the discouragement, don’t you think?

    I hope this doesn’t sound preachy!! I’m just on a similar journey, commend your efforts, and was so drawn to your well-organized, bulleted list that I had to respond accordingly.

    Good luck!! And maybe I’ll have recipes to share in the future at I’m working a lot from the recipesforrepair cookbook right now…


    • Gotta say, I love the tough love, especially when it addresses an area of my life where I know work needs to be done, but just have no idea how to get there from here. You’re not preachy at all, and I appreciate knowing there are others out there that are on the same journey. I’m learning a lot from reading other blogs. I will make it a point to check out yours. Thank you!

  2. 1) Eat a Bialy instead of a Bagel. Way lower in calories.

    2) It’s much better for fat loss if you sweat. The best way is to move. Perhaps if you wear more clothes and keep the room warm it may help.

    3) Lift weights very slowly. If you are tired, move or lift less for more time.

    4) Four and five. If you do not change your attitude and plan and do what needs to be done regardless of being discouraged, better luck next life. Saying you don’t plan and then not planning is choosing to be a failure. If that’s your choice, that’s all right. It doesn’t make you a bad person, just a failure at weight loss.

    • I appreciate your thots, and you’re right, I need to make up my mind to embrace change and then just do it and quit kabitzing about it. I’ve said for a while not that I need to develop some mental toughness, I just don’t know how, never having done it in the past with food. I’m tough about other things, but easy on my bad eating habits. If you have any suggestions for how a weak willed eater can get tough, I’d love to hear them. The suggestions you have made here are very beneficial, and I have taken them to heart. Especially the reminder that this life is NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL. I hear you, and thanks!

      • The how is by doing it. That builds new neuropathways that will sustain you. You let the old habits die by not reinforcing them. Nobody give us SELF anything, but we all have the opportunity to give it to ourselves. Take on small but doable challenges, and keep doing it. I did it, and you can do it to.

  3. I have a few recipes on my blog that might help you keep you full that are low in calories and low in fat. In addition, I did a post on some basic “spring cleaning” tips that will get you started on a healthier lifestyle.

    Also I would recommend starting on commit to counting your calories and tracking your exercise. It will tell you exactly how many calories to eat each day to lose weight at a safe pace! This will help keep the weight off when you go for losing a few pounds a week, makes your goal seem much more manageable.

    As for sweating more, an easy change if you’re into yoga is doing hot yoga! No lack of sweat there. Good luck! I know you can do it once you commit to making the change.

    • Thanks for the ideas. I will definitely check out your website. I don’t know about hot yoga. I’m actually just learning about yoga, so I’m a novice with limited knowledge. I will do a little research and see where it takes me. THANKS, again!

    • I like this but just know that sweating is passive, meaning it does not burn calories. Actually cold burns calories, but I hate the cold 🙂 Sweating does feel good however and does have other benefits for us.

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