I Survived Thanksgiving Day 2012

I made it!  Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I am still standing.  Woot, woot!

Yesterday found me at the home of my brother and sister-in-law.  There, our family celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday together. I ate discriminately, and did not lose my head.  As a reward for self-controlled eating, when I weighed myself this morning the scale had not moved.  Again, woot, woot! I took my own advice and followed the Top Ten Rules for Holiday Eating that I had previously shared here.  I did eat a slice of my niece’s famous pumpkin roll, but did not indulge in the seven (yes, I said seven), different types of pie that lined the side board two hours after lunch. I also said “no” to those items on the table that did not look like they were worth the calories.

This year, I did not drink my calories-no soda or booze for this girl.

I did not fear the food on the table, nor did I court it, like some sugar-starved addict.

I was asked to say grace before the meal, so I accomplished rule no. 3.

I was also able to remember that the food on the table, gorgeous spread that it was, was just food.  I could have any of these options any day I chose to have it.  Remembering this keeps the food in perspective for me.  I don’t have to swallow everything in sight today, because if I choose, I can recreate that dish tomorrow.

Thanksgiving Day 2012 is over and I am satisfied with how I handled the eating pressures this holiday naturally brings. I’m also grateful to all the bloggers I follow who have encouraged their readers to have a plan as they move through the holidays.  Next hurdle, 2012 Christmas and all the treats at the office.  Here’s hoping I get through that sugar ladden gauntlet too!