In Need of More Visuals

It seems like FOREVER since I was able to share my food thoughts here. Life and a hectic schedule at work have taken over, with the result being I feel rushed all the time. When I’m rushed, my food choices are not as likely to be good ones. I grab something on the run, and I tend to “nibble” more at stuff that I know I shouldn’t eat.  Stuff sitting there and readily available to me in the heat of a hungry moment.

I have a few apples on my desk and I’m planning to get one of those eaten later this afternoon, but yesterday I struggled with pumpkin muffins that were sitting out in plain view–a gift by others who don’t struggle with their weight the way I do some days.  Ugh.

At lunch today I was thinking that if I could create a set of visuals, flash cards if you will, that I could then use/rotate each day to make sure I’m eating what I need, it might be helpful.  I tend to eat too many grains, and not enough fruits.  Fill-in sheets that are meant to provide a space for me to log the different food groups I am supposed to eat don’t work for me.  I need something more visual.  I wonder if something like this exists?  I would buy a set, if I knew where to get them.

Do busy times equate to hectic eating in your world?  What do you do to ensure you get the right amount of fruit, veggies and protein into your diet each day?


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