Physical Therapy

Change is possible. Some days, its inevitable. I’ve learned to roll with the punches, so to speak, but I still don’t like change, unless…

I like change when it brings about the results I’ve been searching for, and makes me feel better. Today, I feel better. Yesterday I ate a lot of whole grain during office hours. I then went home and ate veggies and fruits. I had a salad of greens and nuts for dinner, along with mandarin orange slices and tilapia filets that were breaded and baked. I also drank some almond milk and ate a few more nuts later in the evening as a snack. My food consumption yesterday wasn’t the best I could have done, but I felt good about it and the scale reflected a maintaining number this morning, so I’m glad for that.

Yesterday my eating got waylaid when I had an extra long physical therapy appointment to attend.  Today, I’m feeling much better from going to that appointment.  It gets hard to continue to eat right and lose weight when you hurt badly every time you move.  I’ve been stymied in  my weight loss attempt by the fact that I cannot do much walking and almost no exercising to help move things along.  The number on the scale doesn’t go down, not nearly as quickly as it should, and I feel powerless to make it move when I cannot move myself without wincing.  I am hopeful that the PT will get me back to where I need to be and quickly.

Food is fuel, God is Love, and Change is possible–I keep reminding myself of that as I wait for the answers and the healing to come. 

Which do you prefer, almond milk or soy milk?  On your bad food days, what do you do to ramp up your enthusiasm?