My Change…Accountability

In my last post I asked the question:  what eating habits have you changed this year?  I thought I would address that question in my post today. 

About a month ago, I began a process of reporting my food to another person.  Actually, I have two people I report my food choices to each day.  Both of them are trying to cut the fat out of their diets, and both of them are struggling with challenges like those I face.  One of them is working to adopt a paleo food plan, the other is simply trying to get away from the processed junk that is everywhere available in our society.

Eating out of boxes and paper wrappers is killing Americans, more and more each day.  But eating raw and natural foods is expensive.  It takes a real committment of time and money to make the switch away from fast food, to real foods.  Finding someone who will encourage that change is essential, though, if we want to keep striving for optimum health and fitness.

I’ve toyed with the idea of posting my daily food here, on my blog.  I’ve seen it done other places.  I even visited a blog that had nothing but food as it’s content.  It was a food diary, as far as I could tell, and listed everything the writer had eaten for each day of the week.  My hesitation in starting a food diary on-line is that I’m not sure I’m strong enough yet to absorb the critique I might get from readers by doing this.  Can I honestly admit to eating things I shouldn’t if I know the “neighborhood” can read all about it each day? I’m still making that decision.

For the overeater, eating can be a very personal pass time is often an addictive behavior.  Food choices are reflective of personal decisions, and in the case of an obese individual, bad choices.  Being overweight is associated with feelings of shame and embarrassment, especially for those who like to feel as if they do a good job controlling themselves.  Obesity is a major factor in  social isolation, too.  Fatty’s feel left out, so we eat to comfort ourselves, and in eating to comfort ourselves, we are left out.  Ugh, it’s a vicious cycle.

Hoping to break the cycle of shame, guilt, eating to comfort, and feeling isolated, then eating more, self loathing, and more eating, I have decided to share my food choices with two people I trust to love me, guide me, and help me stay encouraged and on the right food track during this journey. So far, it has been a good decision.  I feel more accountable to eat right each day, and they feel like they, too, can be honest with another individual about what they are eating.  None of the three of us are perfect in our food choices, and I don’t expect we ever will be, but we are making progress.  At the very least, the isolation connected with eating mistakes has been erased.  

Do you ever eat alone, so that you can eat all you want and still hide the fact that you overeat?  What foods do you want to eat alone?  What foods have you banished from your pantry because they make you feel this way?

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