Trading Up

While talking with my homeopathic nutritionist lately, I was once again encouraged to practice TRADING UP with regards to me food choices. 

As I understand it, Trading Up means choosing better.  Trading Up means eating more densely, more naturally, more nutritionally.  Trading Up means going for that seedy granola bar with only 2 grams of carbs and tons of fiber, INSTEAD OF A GOOEY CANDY BAR.  Trading Up means roasting my own root vegetables for supper, instead of driving through the fast food lane for some fried potato wedges.

Trading Up means drinking more water, instead of sugary sodas and coffee concoctions. Trading Up means making time for exercise, instead of spending the evening in front of the boob tube. 

I’m practicing the concept of Trading Up in most of my affairs with food today.  I’m STRUGGLING WITH THE EXERCISE part of my program and portion control, even with the better choices I make.  I want to free range it, eat what I want when I want, but I know that is not what Trading Up is about. 

Trading Up provides me with a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy spirit, because I know I have done everything in my power to make the right choice for my life. 

What do you do that makes it easy for you to Trade Up in your daily food choices?  What do you have in your house right now that makes eating healthy possible?