The Sweeter Side of Things

I have a box of STEVIA IN THE RAW sitting on my desk this afternoon. A friend brought it to me to try. She has noticed that I’m losing weight, and when we had a discussion about Stevia the other day, she rememebered that I said I’d never tried it. I must admit, I’m skeptical about this alternative sweetener.

I’ve heard that Stevia is a natural product, an extract from a herb grown in Brazil and Paraguay. The box says it is “suitable for people with Diabetes” and that it is “naturally gluten-free food.” That all sounds fine, but the ingredients label says that the box contains both DEXTROSE and Stevia leaf extract. The box reads, and I quote, “Because this extract is 300-400 times sweeter than sugar, we blend with dextrose, an all natural carbohydrate derived from corn, so that all you get with Stevia In The Raw is a delicious, sweet flavor without the extra calories.”

Yeah, sicky, sweet, addictive corn flavors. 

I’m skeptical.

Obviously, Stevia In The Raw is not Stevia alone. In researching Dextrose, I found some scary stuff. Is this JUST ANOTHER FORM OF CORN SYRUP? It seems like it is.

I’m trying to get away from corn syrup and sugars, so it seems like using this product might not be the wisest thing I could do. Hmmmm, I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’ve been leaning more toward HONEY, and less white and brown sugar. Is Stevia In The Raw something I should or shouldn’t incorporate into my diet?

Do you use Stevia In The Raw in your drinks and cooking?  How do you feel about this “all natural” product?

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