More Scary Hair Stories

Yesterday I had my hair cut. While at my appointment, I heard that my hair stylist is leaving. After eleven years, she is opening her own salon. She asked if I would go with her, to her new location. I said I would, IF she offered Saturday appointments. Otherwise, no, because my work location and her salon are about an hour and a half’s drive from one another. Not feasible. She assured me that she will be scheduling Saturday appointments. I was both OVERJOYED AND SADDENED BY THE NEWS, because I know how much I love my weekends off from work and feel sorry for her that she will have to be on-the-job on Saturdays.

Crystal assured me that she will be taking Sundays and Mondays off once the new salon is operational, September 12th.  I guess that’s okay, but something as simple as the resentment of having to work on the weekend could send me over the edge back in the day, and become a JUSTIFIABLE REASON TO EAT.  Crystal is not a foodie, so she’ll be fine, but my appointment and the conversation I had with her about the her venture brought up the unpleasant reminder for me that I still have food ghosts haunting me during my waking hours.

In my last post I shared with you about my fears that my hair is falling out.  It is.  Whether the rate of loss is as great as I think it is, is irrelevant.  Controlling the fear factor associated with losing my hair at this point  any point in my life is what’s important to me.  I have to manage the fear, so that I can manage the anxiety, so that I can lessen the loss, so that I can enjoy a head full of hair in the future.  Sound like a round robin of obsessive thinking to you?  Me too, but hey, losing your hair is a big deal, am I right?  The good news is that during my appointment with Crystal yesterday she said, “Sure, I can use the razor on the under side of your hair.  YOU HAVE A LOT OF HAIR BACK THERE, so taking off a little more isn’t a problem.” 

How good is God? 

I needed a professional to assure me that I wasn’t going to go bald anytime soon.  And yes, it felt good to hear it!

Have you ever had a scary hair event in your life?  What did you do about it?  Was it easily handled, or did it take a while to get back to normal?