Whole Grain Questions

Wheat, wheat and more whole grain and wheat–that’s what I ate yesterday, and I’ve got to say that while I feel better than I did last week (in the midst of my hypoglycemic moments), I’M ALSO FEELING A BIT UNCERTAIN about the consumption of so much wheat.  I guess my hesitation comes from not knowing how much is too much when it comes to grains.  I know that on the food plan I have adopted grains are encouraged, but not to the demise of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

I can definitely see a decrease in fruit and veggie consumption on the days when I eat more whole grains.  I know I’ve written about this before, but how do I find the balance?

Today, I’m back to journaling my food.  It’s just too easy to rob Peter and pay Paul without this measure of accountability.  One day maybe, but for now I will record what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat, HOPING TO FIND A BETTER BALANCE with all the things I eat.

How about you, do you have problems with balancing food types?  Do grains ever lead you astray?  Are you getting the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables into your diet each day?


4 thoughts on “Whole Grain Questions

  1. There is a great website done by a dietitian called dietitian.com where you can use her healthy body calculator to not only get a healthy weight range but also ask for (free) a sample diet plan based on your goals. You might like it.

    I do try to get my fruits & veggies in, but always get my grains.

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