Flamable Food

Have you ever had A FOOD MESSAGE from God that came through loud and clear? I think I had one today.

Two nights ago I went with Bob to the Fair. We go every year and we eat at the fair grounds, every year. We have a sausage sandwich with grilled peppers and onions, and peach shortcake with vanilla ice cream. This is our RITUAL FAIR WEEK INDULGENCE and something we enjoy doing together. We had friends join us this year, and instead of the peach shortcake my gal pal and I indulged in soft serve ice cream. Yum! I did have the sausage sandwich, too (call it peer pressure), but I gave half of my sausage link to Bob and asked the servers to pile on the veggies. It was the best I could do this year. Maybe next year I will do better.

Anyway, the day after my controlled splurge at the fair, I was one pound down on the scales. I could hardly believe it! “Woohoo,” I thought, “I’m safe.” I’d been fearing that weigh in, because THE SAUSAGE WAS A CLEAR VIOLATION of my commitment to eat less fat, less meat, less salt, less of the bad stuff. Still, I was happy that my weight went down, and not up, after the fair experience.

Today when I weighed myself, the scale registered A TWO-POUND GAIN. Rats!  I knew that sausage link would catch up with me. I also knew what I had to do to get that two pounds off. I would be especially mindful of what I put in my mouth today and eat a slim lunch.  I did all that, but about 2:00pm I was ravenously hungry. 

What to do? What to do?

I searched for gum, thinking that would suffice and stave off my hunger.  Then another option occurred to me: Popcorn. I have a few last bags of microwave popcorn in my office. Mary Theresa has asked me not to eat the stuff, and I’ve done pretty well at staying out of it. My son bought me a hot air popper for my birthday, sweet guy that he is, and I have not used microwave popcorn since that day.  As I grabbed the packet of popcorn kernels out of their hiding place on my credenza, I felt a higher power speaking to me, saying DON’T GO DOWN THAT PATH. If you’ve read my last few postings, you know I’m a food addict, so my will power is non-existent most days, but I do get warnings in advance sometimes and today was one of those days. Still, I chose to override the prompting I got to stay away from processed foods that are quite literally killing me. Ugh! For reasons behind this, read my earlier post.

Suffering from food obsession, I opened the door on the microwave, noticed two potato chip bags that had been stored inside and removed them.  I then closed the door, hit the button that is labeled POPCORN, and headed back to my desk to let the kernels pop. That was my second mistake.

Upon returning to the break room I found a smoking microwave and a lingering stench. Oh, no. I knew this spelled trouble. Sure enough, the bag inside was on fire and smoke billowed into the room. My first thought was, “Please God, don’t let that fire alarm go off!” The sound of the fire alarms in my office are ear piercing. My second thought was, “HOW EMBARRASSING!” What I discovered when I opened the microwave again was that a third bad of potato chips still remained inside and they were on fire!

You can just imagine how thrilled I was to discover this disaster. I had to enlist the help of other staff members to remove the burning chips from the break room, then clean (or try to clean, singe marks don’t remove easily) the microwave I had perhaps ruined. All this so that I could have A FEW MORE BITES OF FOOD this afternoon. I usually don’t attribute stuff like this to Divine retribution, but “Yes, God, I’m listening!”

Do you ever feel like you can’t make it through the afternoon without eating something else? What time of day do you feel like grazing, other than meal time? How do you handle those “day after” experience that come up in your life?

2 thoughts on “Flamable Food

  1. Wow! I am so glad that it was only the foods inside the microwave and not more of your office that was burning.

    I know exactly what you are talking about in this post as I often experienced those same internal warnings. Sometimes I heeded them and sometimes not. This journey is a lifelong process and these experiences will eventually help you as you walk the road. I promise!

    Stay strong and keep listening.

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