Six Little Blogs

In an effort to stay on track and learn more about plant-based foods and eating, I follow a number of blogs. Okay, I FOLLOW SIX BLOGS to be precise. I began following these blogs for advice when I was diagnosed with diabetes in December of 2011. I have learned a lot over the last six months, and I’ve been encouraged to keep putting one foot in front of the other as I’ve worked to get better. Today, I want to share some of the methods I’m using to keep the scales moving in a downward direction.

1. I READ. In this age of internet wonder and wireless cell phones, information I need is at my finger tips any time of the day or night. This is very helpful to someone who feels the need to educate herself without spending hundreds of dollars to do it. THE LOCAL LIBRARY IS A GREAT RESOURCE for obtaining books on almost any topic, and if you are blessed to have a local library that loans DVDs, all the better. I’d much rather learn Yoga or Tai Chi in my living room where no one can see me look ridiculous, than cut a check for $150 to learn it while strangers stare, amazed at my incompetence.

Some of the books I am currently reading are highlighted on a separate tab on this site.  Check them out there.

2.  I FOLLOW SEVERAL BLOGS.  Already discussed earlier.

3.  I WRITE.  I author several blogs on varying topics.  They keep me out of the food and focused on something that is incredibly important to me.  As a sugar addict, I can be tempted to eat sweets for almost any reason, but particularly when I am BORED, ANGRY, FRUSTRATED OR HAPPY.  I know, that last one throws people for a loop when I share it, but think about the times when you eat too much and go home feeling bloated.  How many of those times are linked to happy celebrations like birthday parties, wedding receptions, dinner dates, and family reunions?  I take my composition book with me almost everywhere I go, and when I need it, I’m not afraid to get ‘er out and start writing.

4.  I PRAY.  Praying serves a dual purpose in my search for health and fitness.  It takes me away from the food and it helps me to focus on setting goals that reach beyond my immediate need.  Praying reminds me that I have an UNLIMITED POWER SOURCE available to me.  It also reminds me that there are other sugar addicts out there.  I am not alone.  

5.  I REACH OUT FOR HELP.  I see a natural foods holistic nutritionist about every six weeks.  I had scheduled appointments with two dietitians working in the medical community when I was first diagnosed as diabetic, but was unsatisfied with the attention or guidance they could provide.  They are very busy, what with all the BARIATRIC SURGERIES AND LAP BAND PROCEDURES that are all the rage these days, so I’m not faulting them.  But I have found the natural foods path much less littered with surgical clients, and a whole lot more helpful.  I’m still looking for a life coach, but for now I am happy to have Mary Theresa helping me set life goals that support and encourage the changes I’m making with my food.  

I began this post wanting to talk about frustrations I am experiencing in my life today.  You know, that “stuff” that seeps into our lives and strangles joy.  For those of us who depend on food to deaden the pain, PERSONAL PROBLEMS CAN BE DAUNTING.  Not that they aren’t for regular eaters, too, but choosing not to eat over the anxiety is essential to the health and fitness of recovering sugar addicts.  Eating won’t solve the non-food problems we have, and the guilt is too much to bear when you already have Texan sized demons to slay.  Slowly, I am finding better ways to deal with life.  I hope sharing my list will help you do the same! 

What do you do to keep yourself moving toward recovery and health?  Is there a favorite trick of the trade you like to use to fuel your progress?